ATAC Town Halls:

The Richard West Assistive Technology Advocacy Center (ATAC) in NJ is sponsoring AT Townhalls to provide a platform for professionals and families to discuss AT during these challenging times. Please join the conversation!

AT Town Hall: COVID-19, School Closures and AT: What Do We Do? During these uncertain times, many schools are moving to remote instruction. What does that mean for students with disabilities? How do we ensure that remote instruction is accessible to all students? How can we continue to meet the needs of students who require assistive technology? What do we do about providing related services (OT, PT, SLP) to these students? This is an ever evolving situation and we certainly don’t have all the answers but let’s come together and brainstorm effective solutions. Check out (and add to!) the crowd sourced Google Document with ideas / strategies and questions regarding supporting students with disabilities in these challenging times. Go to:

Mike Marotta, Director, The Richard West Assistive Technology Advocacy Center, NJ

Panel Members May Include (we all know how things pop up without warning now!):
Chris Bugaj, Assistive Technology Specialist, Loudoun County (VA) Public Schools
Jennifer Edge-Savage, AT Consultant, Saltillo, Professor
Karen Janowski, AT Consultant, EdTech Solutions
Luis Perez, Technical Assistance Specialist, CAST
Kelli Suding, AT Specialist, PATINS
Elisa Wern, OT/AT Specialist

… and more!

Register for November 16, 2020 12:00PM – 1:00PM Eastern

Register for November 23, 2020 12:00PM – 1:00PM Eastern

Register for November 30, 2020 12:00PM – 1:00PM Eastern


Assistive Technology Book Club!

For those that attended the ATAC 2019 NJ AT Summit, you received a copy of Chris Bugaj’s new book, The New Assistive Technology: Making Learning Awesome for All. Inside the book was an invitation to the ATAC AT Book Club which will be led by Chris.

 This event is open to anyone who wants to participate!

Complete the form at to receive connection info.

Meeting dates / times / focus area

  1. 10/29/19 – 3:30pm. Part 1 (ch. 1, 2 and 3)
  2. 11/26/19 – 3:30pm. Part 2 (ch 4, 5 and 6)
  3. 1/23/20 – 3:30pm. Part 3 (ch.7, 8, 9 and 10)
  4. 2/18/20 – 3:30pm. Part 4 (ch. 11 and 12)

All recordings will be placed on the ATAC You Tube channel.


HOT TOPICS – Lunch and Learn 

Accessible Gaming with the XBox Adaptive Controller 

Calling All Gamers! This past spring, Adam Krass shared an introduction to the XBox Adaptive Controller. Enjoy!