The NJ CART meeting was held at Advancing Opportunities on January 19, 2018.

Participants got to hear about the NJ State Tech Act report from DRNJ/ATAC and received an update on the small grant recipients.  As well NJCART members got to be a part of the State Plan for 2018.

Afterwards participants got to visit 4 stations of assistive technology access options.  The Tobii eye gaze system was available for everyone to try.  It is really an amazing tool that will give you total control of your computer or communication device with your eyes to control it.   Advancing Opportunities was there to show case how the iPad can work with switches.  TECHConnection was there to provide hands on demonstration of adapted keyboards and various mouse alternatives including the Head Mouse.  Particiants were able to type on the onscreen keyboard using head movements only.

During lunch everyone had a chance to network, ask questions and share resources.   Whether you are new to the field of A.T. or a seasoned user, there is ALWAYS something new to learn and people to meet !


 Girl keyboard

participant tries an adapted keyboard

hand mouse

 Participant tries an adapted mouse called the Finger Mouse
Participant sitting at computer
participant tries the Headmouse using an on-screen keyboard

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